Well Planning and Modeling

Tartan takes directional well planning to the highest level with the use of HawkEye™ 3D next generation software. With an exceptional graphic interface combined with a command line interface, no other provider’s software has the visual impact coupled with presentation plot and report generating capabilities. The system is designed to be user friendly, accurate, efficient and cost effective.


  • Multiple 2D and 3D planning methods
  • Torque and drag analysis
  • Re-entry optimization
  • Target generation
  • Plotting and survey data analysis

Features, Benefits and Advantages

  • 3D I 2D Presentation allows for substantial changes to a well plan, with fully customizable targets, lithologies, planes and casing indicators
  • The Project Data tree has multiple layers to clearly assemble and organize large amounts of data
  • ISCWSA Error Modeling is based on up-to-date models submitted by the International Steering Committee on Wellbore Survey Accuracy providing consistent set of reliable data on tool performance
  • Presentation Plots incorporate vector graphics format which generate high quality, precise graphics
  • Projections can be generated for measured depth, total vertical depth, horizontal, bit, slant, aligned and back on track
  • Report generation is critical of function of the information transfer to the client. A sampling of reports include survey, daily, BHA, well time and slide reports

Torque and Drag Calculations

To reduce the chances of getting stuck and potentially causing loses, a torque and drag program can be run to determine the amount of pull/push that is required to get the drill string to the bottom and back. This is especially helpful in “S” curve well designs and high build rate wells.

Anti-Collision Software

When drilling in a pad situation or in an already drilled area, drilling into another well bore is always a concern. We are able to plot the pre-drilled wells and design our new wells in such a fashion to ensure our well path does not collide with the pre-existing well bore. This is done using our Anti-Collision software in combination with the well data from the other wells in the area.

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