MultiFrac™ System

Increase Fracture Density, Reduce Time and Cost


Tartan Completion’s MultiFrac™ limited-entry, ball-drop system combines patented MultiFrac hydro-mechanical sleeves with patent-pending BurstPoint™ ports to improve stimulation treatment placement and effectiveness. The MultiFrac system simultaneously stimulates multiple stages (cluster) with a single fracture treatment at surface.

By enabling increased stage count without increasing the quantity of activation balls, this system is designed to provide a higher density of stages to evenly distribute stimulation treatments throughout the entire wellbore. The MultiFrac system provides complete control of the stimulation while offering a more complex fracture network.


  • Single design for open hole or cemented liner installations
  • Cluster (batch) stimulation of multiple stages at the same time
  • Ability to stimulate 150+ stages

Features and benefits

  • Faster completion times due to limited-entry stimulation of multiple stages with a single treatment from surface
  • One ball activates multiple MultiFrac sleeves, allowing for higher stage density within the same length of wellbore
  • MultiFrac sleeves have no communication with the annulus until BurstPoint port rupture pressure is reached
  • BurstPoint port inserts prevent erosion, allowing cluster efficiency of ≥90% throughout the treatment stage
  • BurstPoint ports can be sized to control the fracture fluid rate on a per sleeve basis
    • Adjustable stimulation volumes enabling true limited-entry operations
    • Positive surface indicators of multiple entry points, providing real-time parameters
    • Enhanced fracture network results in increased wellbore conductivity
  • Surface pressure indications are an accurate monitor of tool performance
  • Rugged design for enhanced reliability
    • Can be rotated to bottom
    • Designed to handle the high torque capabilities of all premium and semi-premium connections
  • Ball seats are designed for quick mill-out times

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Case Studies


Tartan MultiFrac systems successfully stimulated 18 months post-install.


Tartan Cemented MultiFrac Limited Entry Ball-Drop System Reduces Stimulation Time by 5 Days per Well Compared to Plug-and-Perf in the D-J Basin.


Tartan cemented MultiFrac limited entry ball-drop systems increase production by 12.5%.

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