Even Wall Motors

Tartan’s Even Wall motors provide strength, durability and increased power output making them the smart choice for optimum performance in today’s ever-changing and harsher environment. Proven performance derived over years of field testing has established them as the market leader. These stators are commercially available in sizes ranging from 1-11/16” through 8”.


More Power
Underlying steel lobes permit the rubber to achieve a stronger seal resulting in 2x more power than most conventional motors. This often results in higher effective ROP’s due to more time on bottom drilling in directional steering applications due to a more consistent tool face. This can be critical in high angle, extended reach, and performance drilling, over thrust drilling or applications where you need more power, such as when you require high weight on bit or run larger bi-center bits in a deep-water application.


Longer Life
Uniform thickness of injected elastomer in each tool reduces the probability of chunking due to hysteretic failure since the elastomer is structurally supported by the steel tube. We currently have stators in the field that have in excess of 1200 circulating hours without being relined.


High Temperature Ratings
Thin, uniform thickness of the rubber causes it to expand very little with temperature changes. Heat generated in standard drilling operations is more readily dissipated through the thin layer of rubber, directly to the steel tube. Even Wall power sections have been run in wells with temperatures approaching 400 Degrees.


Chemical resistance
Fluids that tend to swell or soften other various rubber compounds on the market do not affect the Even Wall stators in many cases. Performance in oil based and synthetic muds has been impressive and the number of relines has been greatly reduced.


Improved performance capability
In many directional applications, a shorter tool can be run due to the higher power output per unit length. This has permitted higher dogleg capability and increased the use of motors in specialty applications. Some of the specialty applications have included dual laterals, open hole sidetracks, use on production decks of offshore platforms, coiled tubing and coal bed methane applications.

Mud Motors
Our motors come in both Mud Lube and Sealed Bearing assemblies. We have all sizes and configurations required to drill a Directional or Horizontal well available . The motor configuration is designed around the drilling conditions that we receive from the client. The speed and torque are taken into consideration when deciding which configuration would work best in the proposed formation. Also available is Tartan’s exclusive short bit to bend motor.